3M Di-Noc CA-421 (60x100 cm / 23.62"x39.37")


3M CA 421

New product

180,00 zł

Dimensions:  60 x 100 cm / 23.62" x 39.37"

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Original 3M DI-NOC Carbon is a laminate vinyl with the structure of carbon fiber, but at a much lower price and for a wide range of applications. It is easy to apply and keep clean. Visually attractive design makes the carbon fiber motif is a unique material for decorating car surfaces both inside (for example dashboard) and on the outside of the car (mask, roof, mirrors, bumpers). The carbon fiber motif is not a simple print; the foil has a embossed pattern resembling the real carbon fiber that is reflecting the light as we expect it and, depending on the viewing angle, enhances its pattern. In touch and appearance it resembles a carbon fiber cover.

The most important features:

- 3-D graphic contrast, clearly embossed pattern
- High flexibility and easy adaptation to corrugated surfaces and embossing
- Adhesive value with 3M Comply tubular technology for easy application without air bubbles
- Stretchy using heat (heat gun)
- Cleaning and maintenance using detergent and water.


60 x 100 cm / 23.62" x 39.37"