20 x 3M Mask 9332+ Aura FFP3 with valve (N99)


3M 9332+

New product

650,00 zł

The 3M Aura 9332+ Filter Half Mask provides comfort and style without sacrificing performance. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and materials, the half-mask facilitates breathing throughout the shift, is compatible with other PPE and adheres perfectly to the face, effectively ensuring safety. Half mask with FFP3 valve protects against dust and mists.

- Low breathing resistance filtration technology combines the advantages of 3M electret filtering material with filtration technology ensuring comfort and ease of breathing
- Foldable 3-panel design adapts to different face shapes, adapts to face movements while speaking, is resistant to collapse: ideal for working in hot and humid environments
- Contoured nose plate has a curved, low profile, thanks to which it fits well to the shape of the nose and the contours of the eyes, ensuring a good field of view and compatibility with goggles and safety glasses
- Innovative chin strap makes it easy to fold and fit to the face, helping to achieve an optimal fit
- Embossed top panel reduces the flow of warm, humid exhaled air through the top of the mask, reducing fogging of glasses and goggles.