3M Polishing pad yellow 150 mm (50488)



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3M Perfect-it III Paint Rectification SystemGlazing (yellow group)
Diameter150 millimeters

The soft Velcro polishing pad 50488 3M is suitable for use with the light abrasive polish 80349 3M from the Perfect-it III series. This is a soft pad 3M with a diameter of 150 mm, recommended together with a polishing agent to give a shine. Sponge 50488 is characterized by its corrugated surface, which makes it easier to remove circular polishing marks and small scratches. It is possible to work without moistening the pad with water, remembering about a proper regular application of the paste on the pad. In order to properly fasten the pad to the polishing machine, we suggest purchasing the backing pad 3M 09552, the fastening of which is extremely simple as it is based on the Velcro to Velcro technique

There is also a smaller version with a diameter of 75 mm and designation 50536.