3M Ultrafina SE + Extra Fine Plus + Fast Cut Plus Extreme (3 x 250 g)


51818, 80349, 50383 250

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235,00 zł

Capacity3 x 250 g
Unit of measure100 g
Number of units7,5
3M 50383 Ultrafina SE (250 ml)

For an exceptional final finish, and no unsightly swirl marks or holograms use 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine SE Polish with your machine polishers. Compound is part of an award-winning next range of next generation colour-coded products, designed for use in the final stage of our colour-code process, to help you achieve enviable high gloss results. Utrafina SE is quick and easy to clean up, giving you more time for other jobs. It’s the choice of car refinishing professionals worldwide. 3M Perfect-it III Ultrafina SE Polish is designed to remove all swirls and holograms using standard electric or air-powered rotary polishing machines (1000- 2500 rpm). The polish is used in conjunction with a new ultra-soft 3M Ultrafina SE High Gloss Polishing Pad (50388 or 50457) for excellent, fast results after standard machine compounding and polishing processes. For a final wipe clean, the new 3M Ultrafina Polishing Cloth 50486 helps achieve the ultimate swirl and hologram-free, high gloss finish.

3M 80349 Extra Fine Plus (250 ml)

For outstanding paint restoration work and body shop results, use 3M Perfect-It Extra Fine Plus Compound after Fast Cut Plus or XL. Or use it as a single polish product for standard two pack paint systems, where little restoration is needed. This compound is designed to deal with virtually all paint defect restoration work, to make lighter work of the process and enhance the end result. This cutting compound is the ideal solution for removing medium swirl marks, defects and light scratches prior to final polishing. Less aggressive than other compounds in the range, it is incredibly easy to use - even for beginners. Providing a high gloss finish 3M Perfect-It Extra Fine cutting compound will remove unwanted marks to leave vehicles looking as good as the day they left the showroom. Use with 3M yellow polishing pads 50488 (150 mm) or 50499 (75mm). For final step use 3M polishing cloth 50400.

3M Fast Cut Plus Extreme Polishing Compound 51818  (250 grams) Improved 3M 50417 Fast Cut Plus

The most popular Fast Cut Plus 3M 50417 polishing compound in a completely new version!

- Up to 25% less polishing paste consumption compared to standard products
- Faster removal of scratches
- Perfect finish

Fast Cut Plus Extreme is definitely a universal paste. Removes all types of scratches from various types of clearcoat surfaces (Ms, Hs, Ls). It is perfect for both old and new factory coatings. Suitable for pearl, metallic and acrylic varnishes. The product has already gained the recognition of many users. It is especially recommended for high efficiency, great results and efficiency. It provides a much better effect in a shorter time than when working with agents of a similar abrasion class. It is recommended to use Fast Cut Plus with 3M 50487 green polishing pad (150 mm) or smaller version 3M 50499 (75 mm).