3M Extra Fine Plus + Fast Cut Plus Extreme ( 2 x 250 g)


3M 80349 + 3M 51818 250

New product

165,00 zł

Capacity2 x 250 g
Unit of measure100 g
Number of units5
3M 80349 Extra Fine Plus (250 ml)

3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Plus 80349 is a light abrasive, fine polish for use on scratch-resistant modern paintwork. It can also be used on old lacquer coats. Excellent effects of a perfectly smooth surface will be obtained by machine or manual polishing. Quickly removes minor scratches caused by sanding with fine sandpaper. For best results use the paste with dedicated polishing sponges from 3M (50488 (150 mm) or 50536 (75 mm). A polishing cloth 3M 50400 will also be useful to finish the job.

3M 51818 Fast Cut Plus Extreme (250 g)

The most popular polishing paste Fast Cut Plus 3M 50417 in a completely new version!

3M 51818 Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme is a fast-cutting, strong-abrasive polishing paste designed to quickly remove sanding scratches or to remove minor inclusions (using 3M 260L P1500 followed by Trizact 3000) and to achieve a high gloss finish on both fresh and aged car paintwork. Fast Cut Plus Extreme is an improved successor to 3M 50417 Fast Cut Plus paste . Use with a rotary or orbital polishing machine. 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme is the latest generation of polishing paste, designed for all kinds of paint repair and paint restoration, such as oxidation, surface scratches, car wash scratches, etc. Achieves an excellent gloss finish. Suggested use with green pads from 3M.

  • Extremely fast cutting speed
  • Requires 20% to 25% less product to polish the same surface than standard Fast Cut + / XL
  • Achieve an excellent high-gloss finish
  • Polishing paste Fast Cut Plus Extreme is also available in 1 kg (3M 51815) and 500 g (3M 51816)