3M Polishing pad blue 75 mm (50457)



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3M Perfect-it III Paint Rectification SystemRemoving holograms (blue group)
Diameter75 millimeters

The soft velcro-type polishing pad 50457 3M is suitable for use with the fine polish 50383 3M from the Perfect-it III series. This is a very soft pad 3M with a diameter of 75 mm, recommended for removing holograms formed during the initial stage of polishing, as well as for adding gloss. Sponge 50457 is characterized by a corrugated surface, which facilitates the removal of circular polishing marks and small scratches. Sponges with a diameter of 75 mm are suitable for use on unusual surfaces such as rounded corners (e.g. headlights) and other hard-to-reach areas on the car body

There is also a larger equivalent pad with a diameter of 150 mm and designation 50388.