3M Set of 3 polishing pads (75 mm) Extra hard+ Medium hard+ Finishing


50457 50536 50499

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Diameter75 millimeters
3M Polishing blue pad 75 mm (50457)

3M Perfect-it III High Gloss Pad is ideal for final polishing steps that leave vehicles looking as good as new. Recommended for use with 3M Ultrafina (50383). This pad will ensure that swirl and hologram marks are effectively removed. 75 mm in diameter, this is a smaller size version of the 3M High Gloss Pad Blue (50388) - making it the ideal solution for smaller area repairs.

3M Polishing yellow pad 75 mm (50536)

Use 3M Perfect-It Polishing Pad for finer and softer polishing and a more efficient way to achieve an exceptional high gloss finish in repair works. Efficiently remove light scratches, swirl marks and defects from refinished and new paintwork using 3M Perfect-It Polishing Pad. Made from waffle foam, our pads are designed for repeated long term use, to provide excellent value for money. They’re big enough to take care of jobs efficiently, yet small enough to store away easily. For best results, use with the 3M machine polisher and 3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Compound 80349 – designed for easy attachment to 3M back-up pads. 3M colour coded pads, to help you easily identify and co-ordinate their use with other 3M products. Also available bigger version - yellow high gloss 150 mm polishing pad (50488).

3M polishing green pad 75 mm (50499)

The 50499 3M vel-cro polishing pad is suitable for use with 3M Fast Cut polishing compounds and other medium and coarse pastes. This is a 75 mm hard pad, recommended for use with polishing compounds in the initial polishing phase. Removes scratches and dimming, improving the look and condition of the polished surface. To properly attach the pad to the polishing machine, a 75 mm back-up pad should be provided (available in our shop). Polishing compounds recommended by 3M for use with pad 50499:

- Fast Cut PLUS 50417

- Fast Cut XL 51052

- Fast Cut 09374

There is also a bigger version of this product - 150 mm diameter pad (3M 50487).